Brain Based Leadership Coaching For Employees

Rewire Your Leaders for Success

In the course of a day, leaders in your organization are tasked with so many things. They need to make critical decisions, find creative solutions, influence others, and keep up with a constant barrage of information and projects often in high stress, complex environments. You’re likely aware that the health of your leaders is important for your organization’s success, so your company may be investing in an employee wellness program. But have you considered that the brain is at the core of all thinking and emotions? In fact, the brain orchestrates the performance, health, and well-being of the whole person.

Helping Leaders Be Their Whole and Best Selves

In today’s competitive, global marketplace, the leaders in your company need to be at the top of their game. Their capacity to concentrate, process information quickly, recall key data, and stay positive is foundational for their success and the success of your company.

As a talent manager in your organization, you know that beyond basic cognitive functions, emotional and social intelligence is often the differentiating factor in a leader’s effectiveness. The need for leaders to accurately recognize and respond to their own emotions and the emotions of others is widely recognized, though seldom addressed effectively in leadership development programs.

Brain-based Leadership Coaching utilizing the MyBrainSolutions Leadership Assessment (MBSLA) helps the leaders in your company assess, train, and optimize their brain for maximal performance as leaders in the areas of Thinking, Emotion, Feeling, and Self Regulation.

What Brain-Based Leadership Coaching Can Do for Your Leaders (and your organization)

  • Provide the quickest, most efficient, and highly personalized program for each individual to achieve meaningful change in targeted capacities that will most enhance their success as a leader
  • Produce an accurate picture of where to focus professional development efforts based on direct, objective, brain measurements validated by the latest developments in applied neuroscience
  • Boost cognitive capacities, such as concentration, memory, processing speed, and decision-making
  • Build emotional and social intelligence so that leaders are more effective with their teams
  • Enhance leadership performance by utilizing science-based, results-driven online brain exercises in targeted areas while integrating and balancing their overall brain functioning as well
  • Improve self-confidence
  • Train leaders to better manage stress and be more resilient
  • Enhance overall well-being

Build Capacity for Executives, Managers, and Individuals

Whether it’s an executive leader or manager who must inspire and lead their team or continuous learning for an individual contributor, brain-based leadership coaching can assist in growing the talent in your organization at a neurological level.

10 minutes a day x 3 times a week for 30 days = measurable results that they and others will notice.