The brain is your most important tool for success

In the course of a day, your brain is tasked with so many things. You need to make critical decisions, find creative solutions, influence others, and keep up with a constant barrage of information and projects. You’re likely aware that your health is important for your success, but have you considered that your brain orchestrates all your thinking, emotions, and experiences? By focusing on brain health, we optimize the whole person.

Synergy at Work utilizes a Brain-based Leadership Coaching approach which leverages the latest innovations in the rapidly evolving field of applied neuroscience to optimize your performance, relationships and well-being.

We use the online tools below to provide insight into your unique brain profile.

S.A.F.E.T.Y.™ Self Assessment

Your brain is wired to avoid threats and seek rewards. Discover your non-conscious triggers that can block your effectiveness, impair your relationships, and interfere with your well-being. Gain valuable insight about yourself and how others may perceive you.

MyBrainSolutions Leadership Assessment

Understand, train, and optimize your brain to stay on top of your game and be your best! Boost your brain capacity through online brain exercises. Increase focus. Sharpen memory. Enhance decision-making skills. Improve emotional intelligence. Be more positive. Develop resilience…. and more!