Our Philosophy

Synergy at Work is dedicated to transforming the workplace into an environment where people are their whole and best selves. We specialize in an integrated, whole-person approach to Employee Engagement which emphasizes Employee Health and Well-being as a cornerstone of company culture.

In order for a company or organization to sustain itself and be competitive in its market, it needs every person functioning at his or her optimal level. This means that team members are creative, energetic, focused, passionate, and committed to what they do. They need to bring all their best ideas and work effectively and collaboratively together for the common good. The term "synergy" is the word we use to describe the dynamic, highly productive and creative energy that is generated when the collective intelligence of a group of people is activated and leveraged toward solving problems.

A core principle of Synergy at Work is a whole-person approach to health and well-being.

We developed The Diamond Model of Integrated Health and Well-being – a distinctive conceptual and structural framework for designing an effective health initiative customized for your organization.

Why a Diamond?

  • A diamond is precious. Whether refined or in it’s raw state, a diamond is inherently valuable - just as each person is inherently valuable, regardless of his or her state of health.
  • A diamond is composed of many facets, which are all interconnected. Each facet is critically important and all facets are equally important. The same is true for the 10 Facets of Health.
  • The diamond is treasured for its exquisite radiance, remarkable resilience, and practical utility. Correspondingly, each person has the innate capacity to shine, endure, and perform well with proper care.
  • The beauty of the diamond is best expressed when each facet is polished and maintained. Similarly, the best in each person is brought forth when each facet of health is optimized and the whole person is in a state of harmony and well-being.




The 10 Facets of Health

Each facet of health can be optimized at an individual level and at an organizational level. An integrated approach to employee health includes strategies and resources which provide information, programs, and support in the workplace environment to encourage the practice of healthy habits both at work and at home.

For example, the facet of fitness, expressed at an individual level might include parking further away from the supermarket and walking in; using the stairs at the airport instead of the escalator; walking the dog; vigorous yard work; and taking an exercise class at the neighborhood gym.

Fitness in an organizational context would include resources provided by the employer and practices that support physical activity, such as: an onsite gym; taking the stairs at the office instead of riding the elevator; company sponsored sports teams / activities; walking trails on campus; walking one-on-one meetings for managers and their direct reports (rather than the customary sitting across a desk); and team building events that include physical activity.


One facet that is particularly unique to The Diamond Model is Life Balance, NOT work / life balance.

Our rationale is that there is no such thing as "work / life balance" in that the very term is based on an inherent untruth. By placing "work" and "life" side by side, it is implied that they are separate and equal entities along a continuum.  When in fact "work" is only one part of the much larger context of "life."  Life is composed of many aspects: relationships, hobbies, giving back, health, finances, spirituality, career, etc.  Though it may seem like merely semantics, the notion that work is only one part of life and that life balance is essential to personal and organizational success and sustainability is revolutionary. We believe that life balance is a key factor in employee engagement.

Synergy at Work is uniquely qualified to assist employers in designing and implementing a customized health initiative, based on The Diamond Model of Integrated Health and Well-being, that’s right for your people and setting.

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Lisa is passionate about all aspects of health and health engagement in the workplace. I highly recommend Lisa for a strategic health management position.

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