At Synergy at Work we believe that an integrated, whole-person approach to employee health and well-being is the most effective way to bring out the best in people.

We are strong advocates for employee health and well-being as much more than just a component of the employee benefits program. Employee well-being is a key business strategy for the sustainability of both individuals and organizations and a critical factor for competitive advantage. When we are well, we do well!

As a true consultant and strategic partner, we’re the architect who works with the client to design, build, manage, and measure an employee health initiative customized for each client.

We are vendor agnostic, which means that we work on behalf of the client to identify the best-in-class wellness providers among all of the vendors in the market. We seek out the vendors who are best suited to the setting, preferences, organizational culture, and budget of each client. The right combination of resources produces the most effective solution.

We utilize The Diamond Model of Integrated Health and Well-Being© – a distinctive conceptual and structural framework for building a health initiative which emphasizes a whole-person approach at both an individual and organizational level. The Diamond Model is a powerful conceptual framework that illustrates a compelling vision for the health initiative and facilitates communication of that vision to all stakeholders (employees, families, vendors, exec sponsors, HR, etc.) throughout the organization. The simple and elegant structural framework serves as a roadmap to build and expand program components in a plug and play design.