wwWellness Works is an industry leading evidence based workplace education and training program that raises awareness and reduces stigma around issues related to employee health, while building capacity for organizations to address issues more effectively, and create psychologically healthy workplaces. This award-winning suite of training products has been evaluated as effective in reducing stigma, which is critical for organizations to successfully address mental health in the workplace.

Course Descriptions

Wellness Works Program Overview

Wellness Works program is turnkey, with universal material customized to each learner group through trainer commentary, and is designed as a training solution that contributes to mental health promotion, mental illness prevention and effective intervention with current situations. The curriculum has multiple offerings that address specific workplace audiences, who each have different levels of responsibility and influence regarding workplace mental health. Learners gain greater awareness, deeper understanding and the ability to focus on solutions relevant to their position and role.   Read more here.

Wellness Works: Fostering Employee Mental Health

This 60 to 90-minute presentation introduces the topic of workplace mental health to general audiences, employees and mixed audiences of staff and management to raise awareness of the issues. Participants recognize that everyone in the workplace, regardless of position or role, has the opportunity to contribute towards building a supportive environment.  Read more here.

Wellness Works: Addressing Workplace Mental Health: Basic Skills for Managers

In this 6-hour workshop, managers and supervisors will learn and apply effective approaches and techniques to use when employees are struggling at work. Through facilitated discussions and interactive experiences, participants raise their awareness, deepen their understanding and learn practical tools and approaches to address the complex issues of mental illness and mental health in the workplace. Read more here.

Wellness Works: Addressing Workplace Mental Health: Advanced Skills for Managers

This workshop reinforces and extends the learning gained in the prerequisite course, Addressing Workplace Mental Health: Basic Skills for Managers. The second half of the workshop delves more deeply into specific topics introduced in the basic course, utilizing real world case studies on: implementing a holistic return to work process, creating a psychologically healthy and safe work environment, building a socially supportive workplace, and practicing self-care and resilience for participants themselves. Read more here.

Wellness Works: Re-framing Workplace Mental Health ~ What Every Leader Must Know

This 60 to 90-minute presentation offers an overview of the highly acclaimed Wellness Works approach to the issues of mental health in the workplace, framed through the lens of psychological health and safety, disability rights, and human resources and business best practices. This session provides an introduction to the messaging and strategies found in our multiple training offerings that are helping organizations throughout California address mental health issues more strategically and effectively. Read more here.


  • I highly recommend Lisa Jing as a trainer, presenter and speaker. She creates a professional and engaging learning environment that immediately lets participants know that they are in the hands of an accomplished trainer.

    Donna Hardaker Director, Wellness Works
  • Lisa establishes an immediate rapport and credibility with executive, management and line staff alike. She motivates audiences to own and apply newly learned skills and behaviors that are essential to employee and organizational performance.

    Helen Siporin Executive Director, Mental Health America