Dedicated to transforming the workplace into an environment where people are their whole and best selves

We specialize in an integrated, whole-person approach to Employee Well-being as a cornerstone of company culture.

In order for a company or organization to sustain itself and be competitive in its market, it needs every person functioning at his or her optimal level. This means that team members are creative, energetic, focused, passionate, and committed to what they do. They need to bring all their best ideas and work effectively and collaboratively together for the common good.

The term “synergy” is the word we use to describe the dynamic, highly productive and creative energy that is generated when the collective intelligence of a group of people is activated and leveraged toward solving problems.

A core principle of Synergy at Work is a whole-person approach to health and well-being.

We developed The Diamond Model of Integrated Health and Well-being© – a distinctive conceptual and structural framework for designing an effective health initiative customized for your organization.

A second core principle is based in our belief of creating organizational cultures that work, one leader at a time. We believe that a leader whose brain is integrated and balanced is the most effective change agent for individuals, teams, and the organization overall. Brain-based leadership coaching works at the neurological level to help leaders be their whole and best selves.